Other products

Many like to set their print on their own design at home.

We have the knowledge and the tools to set ideas alive. This is the work that we love.

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Below is a selection of our design.

Sauna in cedar and round arches

Sauna designed and built according to customer specifications in cedar, and round edges of ceilings, wall and seat benches. Built with sunken couch for relaxing sitting position.

Coffee table

Coffee table with embedded LED light

Bed in massive oak

The blogger Lene Orvik wanted a bed frame that would look like a massive oak. We built her the dream :)

Wall to wall bookshelf

Built-in bookshelf from ceiling to floor and wall to wall in solid oak with seating possibility in window shelf. The bookshelf is built into the window as part of the window frame

Wine shelf

Wine shelf in unplaned materials giving a rough touch, yet tasteful presentation on the wall. The shelf has integrated lighting.

Pine coffe table

The customer brought us some big pieces of pine and asked us to make it into a coffee table. The customer turned out very happy with the result

Wall cover of the garden's tree.

By mounting them to the wall, trees from the garden got a new existence in the living room.