Exclusive bathroom furnitures from the Norwegian forest

Basin and handwash

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Bathtub and shower solution

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Stand and cabinets

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From wood to bath furniture

In addition to natures own impact on the woods with years of sun, snow, rain and squirrels jumping from branch to branch, we invest a huge amount of effort and love in the wood that once was extracted from the forest to get a long life in your bathroom.

Wood love

Humans loves their surrounding nature, but a growing trend is that we don't have time to enjoy it as much as we would like.
What wouldn't be more natural than to bring the woods into your home as a part of your everyday life?

We have taken this seriously and therefore would like to give everyone the opportunity to experience the wellness of nature in their home.

Bathroom enviroment in wooden materials

The most frequently asked question regard our wooden sinks, is how can the beautiful sinks last in a bathroom enviroment?

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Wall mounted basin and integrated sink in countertop

We have now launched two new basins. Both will fit perfectly on small and medium-sized bathroom and toilet.

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Launch of website

Finally online after weeks of preparation.

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