Bathroom enviroment in wooden materials

Wooden materials are living materials, and does shrimp and extract due to the humidity they get exposed for. Traditional treatment with oil and lacquer, will resist the the humidity to a certain extend, but will never seal and secure the wooden material from the surrounding. And it will need repetitive treatment depending on the surroundings.

The sinks and basins get direct contact with water, so they are more exposed to moisture than other wooden furniture.

Our solution to this problem is to use a resin based epoxy treatment, that are sealing the wooden material 100%. The epoxy are transparent, and give the wood a smooth glassy finnish. For a matt finnish, a layer of matt lacquer can be applied in the end.

Our treatment of the wood gives us a maintenance free produkt that resist the harsh bathroom enviroment during al lifetime.

All our sinks and water exposed product are treated with the best epoxy resin on the market. The epoxy also has good UV filtering, so the wood appears in the original colour longer.

Wall mounted basin and integrated sink in countertop

We have now launched two new basins. Both will fit perfectly on small and medium-sized bathroom and toilet.

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Launch of website

Finally online after weeks of preparation.

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Selection of wood

Wondering what type of wood to choose?

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