Wall mounted basin and integrated sink in countertop

We are pleased to showcase the Pulpit Rock. This is a wall-hung sink that is perfect for guest toilets and small bathrooms. The sink in the picture is a prototype, but the sinks will have the same form with another overflow device. Matrials of is oak. The deep brown color of the sink comes coffee processing of the wood before the protective epoxy layer is applied. Standard edition is without overflow.

The sink is integrated with a small shelf with space for soap dispenser, toothbrush holder simular. The shelf can be ordered both the right and left sides. The sink has one single bracket assembly, and replacement of the sink is carried in a few minutes for a plumber.


Hardangervidda is a countertop with integrated sink. It must be ordered by measure, and may therefore fit any bathroom counter decor at given precise measurements. The sink will be launched in two variants: A drop-shaped sink, and a square sink. The worktop will be rectangular with plenty of space for bathing accessories. Hardangervidda is the obvious choice if you want a new natural element of the bathroom without spending too much money. The washbasin will change the atmosphere in the whole room.

Bathroom enviroment in wooden materials

The most frequently asked question regard our wooden sinks, is how can the beautiful sinks last in a bathroom enviroment?

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Launch of website

Finally online after weeks of preparation.

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Selection of wood

Wondering what type of wood to choose?

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