Selection of wood

There are many different types of wood to choose from. In our history tab you will find our stock woods. Not all wood is equally suitable for furniture. Coniferous woods is generally unsuitable well as furniture.

Norwegian Wood Design does not support use of any endangered tropical wood. We are higly committed to our enviroment. Sustainability and short distance materials from Norway and Scandinavia are therfore our priority choice of wood.

In addition, it is possible to pretreat the subject with colored oil in different tones. The tree can also be washed with red wine to give a reddish impact on the light tree. The pretreatment must be done before the final treatment with epoxy at the bathroom furniture.

Many people have an old apple or cherry standing in the garden. What would be better than to give this new life in the bathroom? These are projects that we love to attend. The tree is great topics that provide a great structures in the furniture. We therefore wish to come as early in the process to be involved in locate and uncover your needs.

Below is a picture of cherry parquet.

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Bathroom enviroment in wooden materials

The most frequently asked question regard our wooden sinks, is how can the beautiful sinks last in a bathroom enviroment?

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Wall mounted basin and integrated sink in countertop

We have now launched two new basins. Both will fit perfectly on small and medium-sized bathroom and toilet.

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Launch of website

Finally online after weeks of preparation.

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