About us

The Company was founded the autumn 2016 by Joakim Espegard and Sølve Oftedal.

Joakim Espegard has the ideas and is the general manager. Sølve Oftedal is co-owner and administrator.

In rehabilitating his own home, Joakim wanted to design and create his own bathtub. At the time it was not realized, but his natural creativity continued to process the idea. He finally decided to make bathtubs and bathroom furnitures of Norwegian wood to a life project.
The result of these products can be seen on these pages.

Joakim graduated as an automation engineer in 2002. Since then he has become an experienced project manager. The last years he has been a general manager within business automation.

Already as a child Joakim made furniture and different items of wood. He is an openminded person and very fond of nature. He loves the woods and the wild. His whole life he has studied and been fascinated by tree structures. In adulthood, much of his leisure time has been spent refurbishing houses / apartments, where he together with Sølve have used his creativity to find aesthetic and practical solutions, which often have raised the architectural value of the interior.

As an advisor they have recruited Erik Larnøy, who has a PhD in wood technology.