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Brygga washstand

The wash stand "Brygga" Fits all our standard sinks. Brygga is a minimalistic and open solution with a shelf below the sink for storing and decoration.
Brygga are to be delivered as standard i matt black colour with free choice of wood. It can also be ordered as stainless steel for an extra cost of 99 US$ + tax.

For any top mounted sinks, a countertop need to be ordered additionally.

The stand can be ordered i the following standard measures.

Brygga sink stand 600mm
Brygga sink stand 800mm
Brygga sink stand 1200mm

With use of top mounted sink, a wooden countertop can be ordered as addititon.

Countertop for Brygga 600
Countertop for Brygga 800
Countertop for Brygga 1200

The sinks are produced on order. Normal delivery time is 6 weeks.

Please send us a request for quotation.

Cabinet Nordkapp

With seamless lines and elegant angles, Excels Nordkapp with its elegant design.
The furniture are made according to customer needs and wallet. It can be ordered both in plywood and hardwood. Standard wood varieties are Ash, Oak and Heat-treated Ash.
The furniture are treated with hard wax oil. This makes it robust and tolerant to its environment.
The furniture fits our top mounted Rondane and Nordlys sinks, but can also be combined with other top-mounted washbasins.
For sizes and prices please use our contact form below.

See our product catalogue og product description for Brygga wash stand below:

Product description Brygga wash stand


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