Bathtub and shower solution

Rondane Bathub

Our new wooden bathtub Rondane, has the same distinctive corners as the Rondane sink.

The bathtub is a standalone furniture, but will also fit in well as a wall-mounted bathtub due to its square shape. The short side has an angle that makes the bath experience a harmonious and comfortable spa experience. The wood's natural insulation ensures a good temperature for a long time.

The wooden bathtub in the picture is made by oak, and treated with dark stain before epoxy and varnish. Rondane, like all our products, is maintenance free. All required maintenance is regular cleaning.

The baththub is handmade and has a delivery time of 2-3 months.

Please contact us for information and prices. See below for product description.

Outside Dimensions:

Height: 600 mm
Length: 1700 mm
Width: 725 mm

Other dimentions and wood types are availible upon request.

Shower plate Vassbotn

The shower Plate Vassbotn are treated with epoxy to make it a 100% resistant to its use like all our bathroom products.
It is delivered with a floor drain solution in massive three after the standards on the market. The wood on the drain is cut out of the plate to get the best overall impression.
The plate builds 20 mm up from the floor. It should therefore be adapted with a small pool in the floor under the plate to get to the same level as the floor.
Wall decorations in the same tree and texture can also be made on request.


The Trolltunga wooden bathtub was planned launched the autumn of 2017.

Due to problems in the manufacturing process, this will be postponed. We hope to show you the first baththub in early 2018

The bathtub will give an impressive and colorful boost to the entire bathroom. Trolltunga is a standalone bathtub that requires space and air around it to promote the natural elegance of the wood.

The bathtub belongs to the series of the sink Northern light. Together they will provide an unbeatable impression on your bathroom.

3D model shown on the picture.

See our product catalogue and product description of Rondane and Trolltunga bathtub below:

Product description Rondane Bathtub

Product description Trolltunga Bathtub


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