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Bathroom enviroment in wooden materials

Wooden materials are living materials, and does shrimp and extract due to the humidity they get exposed for. Traditional treatment with oil and lacquer, will resist the the humidity to a certain extend, but will never seal and secure the wooden material from the surrounding. And it will need repetitive treatment depending on the surroundings. The… Read more »

Wall mounted basin and integrated sink in countertop

We are pleased to showcase the Pulpit Rock. This is a wall-hung sink that is perfect for guest toilets and small bathrooms. The sink in the picture is a prototype, but the sinks will have the same form with another overflow device. Matrials of is oak. The deep brown color of the sink comes coffee… Read more »

Launch of website

After several weeks of preparation, we are finally ready for the launch of our website. It has been many late nights, but we are very happy to present our first basin, and the web page design. “Northern Light” has becomed the stylish product as we hoped for, which is the first in a series of bathroom products we will… Read more »

Selection of wood

There are many different types of wood to choose from. In our history tab you will find our stock woods. Not all wood is equally suitable for furniture. Coniferous woods is generally unsuitable well as furniture. Norwegian Wood Design does not support use of any endangered tropical wood. We are higly committed to our enviroment. Sustainability and short distance… Read more »